Backend Frameworks

The benefit of using backend frameworks is that it can make development faster and seamless by providing a well-defined structure for your code.
This article will cover the various backend frameworks that exist on the market.
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What is a backend framework?

Backend frameworks are software libraries that provide standard tools and functions that allow developers to create mobile applications, web applications, websites, and mobile applications. Some of the most popular frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Express.js, and Laravel, and has its strengths and weaknesses, and knowing which one to choose will determine the success of your project.

Why use a backend framework?

Server side frameworks also known as web frameworks are software frameworks that enable developers to write, maintain and scale web applications. There are a variety of tools available that will help routing URLS, interact with databases, support  user authorization, and improve security practices.

When you start building a  web application, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether to use a backend framework, choosing the right one can boost productivity and scale the project.  A backend framework will provide a structured environment for your application, provide tools and libraries to simplify complex web development operations.

Advantages of using backend frameworks:

  • Work directly with HTTP requests
  • Route requests to appropriate handler
  • Easy access to data
  • Rendering data

In addition, a backend framework is usually more scalable than a traditional application, making it easier to handle increased traffic and users. Whether you are a novice developer, freelancer or an experienced software engineer, a backend framework will allow you to build web applications, websites, and mobile applications in less time.  

How to select the right backend framework

There are some factors to take into consideration when choosing a backend framework:

  • Learning the framework requires time and effort;
  • Measuring our productivity and how quickly you can create new features on the framework;
  • Performance of the programming language/framework is important because not all frameworks are designed equally and each has pros and cons;
  • Community support;
  • Scalability;  
  • Web Security

Applications of backend framework

Build web applications with backend framework: A web application backend is the part of an application that handles the data storage, processing and exposed API endpoints. It typically runs on a separate server from the frontend, consisting of the graphical user interface and client-side code such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The backend communicates with the frontend through APIs exposed via URLs.

Developing websites: When it comes to developing a website, there are a lot of different pieces that need to come together. One of the most important is the backend framework, the software that provides the behind-the-scenes infrastructure for the website. It includes things like databases, servers, and other software components.

Mobile applications: A mobile application backend is server-side software that powers the app. It stores and manages data, provides APIs for the app, and handles other behind-the-scenes tasks. In many cases, the backend is also responsible for processing user input, such as when a user submits a form or completes a purchase.  

Benefits of using a backend framework

When starting a new software project, many developers face a daunting task.Some key benefits include:

  • A back-end framework can be highly beneficial to make this process even more efficient.
  • A framework provides a pre-built structure that can be used as the foundation for a new project.
  • Save time and effort and reduce the risk of errors.
  • frameworks are designed to be scalable and extensible, meaning that they can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of a project.  

Top five backend frameworks

A backend framework is a software that helps make the development process simpler and quicker. It provides a structure for the project and libraries and tools that can be used to build the project. While there are many different backend frameworks available, here are five of the most popular:

  • Laravel: Laravel is an open-source PHP that comes free of cost, a web framework designed to develop web applications following the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
  • Ruby on Rails: This is a  free and open-source web application framework written in Ruby, which follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture conventions and offers an active record pattern for interacting with databases.
  • Express: a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that offers robust features for web and mobile applications.
  • Django: Django is a free and open-source web application framework written in Python. It follows the model-view-template (MVT) architectural pattern and provides an object-relational mapper (ORM) for interacting with databases.
  • Flask: The Flask framework is a popular choice for web development in Python. Its key features include a lightweight design, excellent documentation, and support for a wide range of extensions. Flask is also easy to get up and run, making it an attractive option for beginners. However, Flask's flexibility also makes it well-suited for more complex applications.

The Deskree Advantage

Deskree offers a no-code backend solution to anyone who needs a scalable infrastructure without any coding. It is quick and easy to use, with a simple web interface that requires no coding knowledge. We offer features to get your app up and running in under 10 minutes, including user management, database creation, and file storage. With Deskree, you can focus on building your app without worrying about the backend infrastructure.

Deskree is the perfect platform for businesses, freelancers, and novice or experienced developers that need to build complex applications quickly and efficiently. The deskree database can handle large amounts of data, and the robust REST and GraphQL APIs make it easy to connect to third-party services. Deskree also provides out-of-the-box support for authentication and user permissions, making it easy to restrict access to sensitive data. And for businesses that need advanced analytics, Deskree offers a complete suite of tools for tracking and visualizing data. With Deskree, there's no need to piece together different software platforms - everything you need is available in one easy-to-use platform.


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