Top 5 Java Frameworks

Java frameworks are designed with prewritten code that enables developers to create new applications and develop custom solutions to problems.
This article highlights the top five Java frameworks you should master in preparation for your next project.
Dmitry Grechko

The top five most common Java Frameworks to use today


This Java framework makes programming more accessible and more efficient. It focuses on speed, simplicity and productivity, and it has become the world's most popular framework.

Spring makes programming Java quicker, easier, and safer for everybody. Spring's focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it the most popular Java framework. Spring enables users to work on multiple layers instead of just one during a project. There are four key benefits of using Spring in your next project:

  • It is fast;
  • It is productive;
  • Spring is secure;
  • Supportive developer community;
  • And it is flexible.

The framework also has excellent built-in security features, making the authentication, verification, and validation process more seamless. The companies that use spiring include Netflix and eBay.


Hibernate, also known as the 'everything data' framework, is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that helps handle and manage data efficiently. The Hibernate ORM framework could quickly become your staple if you always work with relational databases.

Companies like IBM and Dell have used the Hibernate framework for their web applications because of its advanced data handling techniques and capabilities. The Hibernate ORM allows developers to write applications and is concerned with persistence regarding relational databases.

Advantages to using Hibernate include the following:

  • robust data manipulation with less code;
  • Ideal for projects that have high productivity and portability;  
  • It is an open-source framework that is cost-effective and has a strong developer community to assist and offer advice.

JavaFace Servers (JFS)

JFS's are designed to be flexible and leverage existing US and web-tier concepts without limiting developers to use mark-up language, protocol or a client device. The key advantage of using this framework:

  • It comes with a set of APIs for representing UI components;
  • It comes with a custom tag library for expressing a JavaServer Face interface within a JSP page.

JavaServer Faces technology provides a custom renderer and a JSP custom tag library for rendering to an HTML client. It is easy to use and offers a programming model to help link the various pieces together during the development process. Other benefits associated with this framework is that there is a large developer support community and the JSF makes up a large component of Java 2E. Developers do not need to do a lot of coding since the framework comes with a variety of front end tools.

Google Web Toolkit Framework (GWT)

As the name applies, it is a Google product that is open source designed to make beautiful UIs with little or no knowledge of front-end scripting languages. The java code seamlessly transitions into amazing browser-friendly packages in a simple and efficient manner.

Why use GWT on your next project?

  • It helps bridge the gap between both front end and back-end development;
  • Google has a large list of APIs that are easy to implement.


The framework was developed by Apache and comes in two versions, Struts 1 and 2 with the latter being the most widely used and comes with an extensive web of framework tools. The advantage of using this framework is its flexibility and ease of use;  other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails and JavaScript can also extend the functionality of the application.

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