Production ready features
in the click of a button

Deskree automatically generates APIs for you, making it instantly available to use in your project.


A variety of authentication methods, just a click away. Popular and easily-accessible authentication methods for all your projects including Email & Password, Google, GitHub, and Facebook!
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Database & Storage

Our platform offers pre-built CRUD, search, filter, sorting, data uploading, and support for complex data types for easy and accessible database creation and management.
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Whether you need to streamline your e-commerce operations, create stunning website designs, or manage your team's workflows, we have the perfect selection of third party integrations to enhance your app.
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From webhooks to workflows, you can streamline a variety of processes, no matter the complexity, with Deskree's automation suite.
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Permissions & Middleware

With our configurable middleware, you can define permissions per API endpoint for your Database and Integrations. Plus, you can create an unlimited number of roles, giving you the flexibility and control you need to keep your data safe. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your APIs are secured with Deskree.
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Each project created on Deskree is fully independent and autonomous thanks to our microservice-based architecture. Every integration or service within our system is a separate microservice, resulting in superior scalability and virtually no bottlenecks.
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Do I need to be a back-end developer to use Deskree?
No! While back-end development knowledge would be helpful, you do not need to be a back-end developer to use Deskree. Our no-code platform is easy to use from set-up to project launch for any software developer or engineer.
Can teams use Deskree?
Yep! Those on our starter to supercharged plan can access team accounts with UNLIMITED members.
Do I have to pay to use Deskree?
No, we do have a free plan that you can start out with. All of our plans are suitable for development at any stage - check out our pricing page for more detailed information about our plans.