Each project is
autonomous and independent.

Each project on Deskree is a separate cloud instance.
We deploy a separate infrastructure just for you. Our platform is micro-service based and there are no shared resources amongst projects.

70+ micro-services
for you to use.

Deskree is not just back-end tool, it’s a complete infrastructure.
We have 70+ micro-services built just for you to use.

Easily monitor the up-time of the platform & micro-services.

We push regular updates so you experience continuous performance improvements for your project.

Build & deploy
your own custom services*.

Deploying your own custom microservices has never been easier.

One click deploy
Connect your version control and we will automatically deploy an instance of your micro service to your project.
Scaling is automated
Deskree will automatically scale your infrastructure depending on your usage and use case.
Isolated & Secure
All micro services are deployed within your own separate cloud project.
*This upcoming feature is still in the beta testing phase.

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