Deliver emails, track results, and receive a round-the-clock support with SendGrid integration.

SendGrid integration is a powerful cloud-based solution, which allows to send transactional and marketing emails.

he platform is compliant with CAN-SPAM and allows to track email opens, bounces, spam, and unsubscribes with no coding knowledge required. Reporting is done via custom analytics based on timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, and device type.

SendGrid provides 24/7 customer support via email, live chat or over the phone to answer customers' questions and resolve potential issues.

  • Manage your SendGrid profile settings
  • Retrieve and delete entries in your lists
  • Set up and manage apps
  • Create, update, and delete reseller customer account
  • Retrieve, delete, create, auth domains, see statistics and info on sub-users with advanced sub-users management