Situation in Ukraine

Dmytro Grechko

CEO & Founder of Deskree
The pain and suffering imposed by Russian Federation on the people of Ukraine can not be tolerated. Killing of innocents, thieving, and raping are the methods of war employed by the aggressor and have become an unfortunate daily reality of the citizens of Europe’s largest country. Of course, it is not the first example of a war brutality in modern history and Ukrainians are not the only nation suffering.

However, as a young company with a team of people from all around the world (including both Russia and Ukraine), we cannot just stand aside and watch. We must act, and encourage others too. Even if the impact of one seems small, when combined with many others, it makes a great difference. Therefore, Deskree’s services and APIs will not be accessible from Russian Federation from now until there is peace.
Danil Podhornyy - Deskree co-founder

Danylo Podhornyy

CMO & Co-founder of Deskree
Fear everyday - it is what every Ukrainian civilian feels now: women, children, men… I truly believe love and peace is what should every Ukrainian experience every day and night. I can’t believe this is happening during the 21st century in Europe. I pray for each Ukrainian family daily and want only two things - serenity and safety for my fellow Ukrainians.

Statement from Deskree Technologies Inc. in response to crisis in Ukraine

As a company owned by Ukrainian-born founders, our hearts ache as we observe the blatant violation of the rights of Ukrainian citizens, our families, our friends, our people. We firmly stand against this abhorrent and unjustifiable display of aggression, violation of democracy, and disregard of human life at the hands of Russia. Deskree’s services & API, until further notice, are not accessible from the Russian Federation. We will continue to provide active support to those affected through more than this statement - Through our actions, both as individuals and as a company, we hope to aid with driving the change needed to once again have a peaceful Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and sincerely hope that as a nation, Ukraine will once again be able to experience peace, safety, healing, and prosperity.

Deskree Team