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Build & deploy in 3 simple steps

No more struggling with infrastructure provisioning, architecture planning, and complex CI/CD pipelines!

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Configure your database, AUTH, and Permissions
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Deskree has everything you need to setup backend for your project - from database, permissions, and middleware, to webhooks and integrations.
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Easily upload and store any file type using our API, whether it's from a URL or base64. With our user-friendly interface, you can visually manage your stored files with ease.

12 Deployment Regions

Reach users worldwide with ease and ensure the best possible user experience with our versatile data center locations. From Oregon to Sydney, our backend hosting solutions offer global accessibility.

Powerful Analytics

Get in-depth app performance insights. Track endpoint usage, requests by method (for both REST & GraphQL), user activity, auth, integrations and storage.


Data transfer simplified - Seamlessly import/export JSON or CSV files with just one click.

Postman Collections

API documentation auto-generated & updated for all databases + each integration, powered by Postman.

Configurable permissions

Protect your data & manage who can access your endpoints with detailed role-based permissions. Choose from a range of access levels including public, private, and more.


Complex processes condensed- Configure webhooks in each table in your database for multiple request types. Explore a new way of creating microservices through workflows.*

And a lot more..

The Deskree platform is always evolving with new features being released on a bi-weekly basis! Share your feedback and feature requests to shape our pipeline and enhance your user experience.

* This upcoming feature is still in the beta testing phase.


You focus on creating amazing
products and let us do the
heavy lifting.

MVP to Production faster
Say goodbye to long development cycles and hello to accelerated innovation with Deskree. Deskree helps you get your MVP quickly up and running within minutes.
Save money & resources
You don't need to substitute quality for cost - Experience less backend budget woes with Deskree. Build better backend for a better price (without needing to fork out resources to manage devOps).
Scale efficiently
With no additional configuration required, you can easily scale up your infrastructure and meet the needs of your growing business. We're powered by the Google Cloud Platform & AWS*, ensuring enhanced scalability for all of your projects.
No black box
Scalable by design
Simple pricing

Each project is autonomous
Powered by Big Cloud
Micro-services by design
Simple pricing
Who are we for?

No backend experience?
No problem.

Scale up your projects from your first API call to your millionth - Without any DevOps or Backend experience required.
A great tool for Freelancers

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of your services - Delight your clients with faster MVP to production times and greater product scability - All while maximizing your revenue without breaking the bank.

Its built for Startups

Million dollar ideas with minimal barriers to entry. From concept to full scale product launch in under a million steps (duh!) - No more burning the midnight oil to actualize your project when you have the power of a backend dev team at your fingertips.

A team in itself for Enterprise

Adopting new technologies doesn't have to be a drag - we promise. We'll collaborate with you on solution architecture, monolithic to microservice migration, customizable platform experience, and more packed into our tailored white glove service.

Integrate with anything

Choose from dozens of integrations

See all integrations
Add an integration to your project
Enter the integration's secret
Deskree generates all the APIs automatically
Deskree is building a user interface that says it understand the user. So many solutions are focused on the technology first and the user last, it is so refreshing to see people as a priority in technology.
John Farrar
Owner, SOSensible

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