No-Code Back-End FOR ANY APP

Under 10 Min.

Generate scalable back-end infrastructure with tons of features via a simple web interface.

With Deskree you can build Backend for:

Web and Mobile Apps
Marketplaces and SaaS
Admin Panels

A robust feature set

Database, REST & GraphQL APIs, Authentication, API Docs, User Permissions, Integrations, Advanced Analytics - get it done with Deskree.

Database & Storage

With Deskree, you can create databases with virtually unlimited tables & columns in just a few clicks! No SQL knowledge required.


Enhance your app with the most popular 3rd party tools like Shopify, Stripe, and more!


Enrich your backend experience through detailed user roles and permissions per endpoint for database and each integration.


Don't waste your time on creating CRUD for your database - we did it for you. For each table you create we generate JSON REST & GraphQL APIs on the fly.


In a few clicks, you can enrich your app through a variety of authentication methods including email/password, Google, and Facebook!


Visualize your project activity data to see how your API, storage, and more are being used.

No-code backend in under 10 minutes

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Infinitely Scalable & Truly Independent

Every project created on Deskree is a separate GCP instance unaffected by any other project. Each integration or service within the system is a separate micro service, which results in a superior scalability!

There are virtually no bottlenecks in Deskree software.

Micro-service Based
Separate Projects
Powered by GCP

No need to learn

Just answer some simple questions in the system, add basic information into columns, select the required integration and let Deskree do the rest for you.

Back-end created in under 10 minutes
Not a single line of code required - we promise
Save thousands of dollars on development cost

Dozens of integrations
with tools you know and love

Full integration with them works in 2 clicks

Loads of questions? Loads of answers!

Check out our Guides page for more indepth resources and hands on videos.

How easy is it to use the platform?
Does it require Back-End knowledge?
Does it provide Endpoint-level permissions?
Does it have Exportable API Docs?
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