No-Code Back-End for any app under 10 minutes.

Generate scalable back-end infrastructure with tons of features via a simple web interface.

With Deskree you can build Back-End for:

Web Apps

Mobile Apps



Admin Panels


Without code and in under 10 minutes

A robust feature set

Database, REST & GraphQL APIs, Authentication, API Docs, User Permissions, Integrations, Advanced Analytics - get it all in Deskree in a few clicks.

Database & Storage

Easily create a database with virtually unlimited number of tables and columns. Search, filter, and sorting included by default! Automatically upload data to storage from Base64 or url.


Don't waste your time on creating CRUD for your database - we did it for you. For each table you create we generate JSON REST & GraphQL APIs on the fly.

Authentication & Permissions

Set up authentication for your users in just a few clicks. Email and password, Google, Apple, and more enhanced with user roles and permissions per endpoint.


Choose from a numerous available integrations with the most popular 3rd party software, including Shopify, Dropbox, GitHub, and Stripe, to name a few.


Enjoy the in-depth usage analytics to see how users use your API, storage, and more.

API Docs

We automatically generate API documentation as a Postman Collection for every database table you create and every integration you activate. No need to worry about docs anymore.

Infinitely Scalable & Truly Independent

Each integration or service within the system is a separate micro service, which results in a superior scalability! There are virtually no bottlenecks in Deskree software.

Cloud Functions
Separate Projects
Powered by GCP

No need to learn

Just answer some simple questions in the system, add basic information into columns, select the required integration and let Deskree do the rest for you.

Back-end created in under 10 minutes
Not a single line of code required - we promise
Save thousands of dollars on professional development cost

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Deskree was designed for many use cases


On average, the back-end development for a new project or micro service takes 4-12 weeks and a work of 3 developers. This includes database, authentication, APIs, user roles, security, infrastructure, integrations, documentation, testing, deployment, and much more. Deskree allows you to do all of that under 10 minutes with no code required. That's why Deskree is an ideal solution for startups, who are working on their MVP products.

Software Development Agency

As a software agency, you might often face an issue of doing lots of repetitive work. Guess what? Deskree will help to create your clients' back-end fast and hassle-free so that you can focus on more important stuff. Furthermore, the work we will do for is already 100% tested and approved!


Let's imagine that you are a front-end app developer and have a customer who needs a more advanced app with back-end, it is going to be a challenging task (to say the least). However, from now on this issue should not bother you since you can use Deskree, where back-end is conveniently done for you. Thus, concentrate on what you are doing best!

Ready to start using Deskree today?