Accelerate program

Fast-track your integrations development with custom-built APIs.

We build APIs for Startups and Mid-sized companies looking for fast feature release, without expanding their dev-team.
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Without Accelerate
Product development is slow with a small team. It's time-consuming and costly when expanding.
Delayed market entry due to long development cycles
Scalability issues and limited integrations
Under-utilized resources draining your budget
Technical talent shortage with a limited budget
What we offer
2 monthly plan where our expert team will build highly performant, scalable, and customizable APIs to your requirement using Deskree platform.
Included in both plan
Up to 50 APIs every month
Scalable APIs (Up to 1bn+ calls/hr)
Customized to your needs
Rapid turnaround time
Dedicated support
Pay for actual resource used
Transparent pricing
For companies aiming for rapid market entry. You provide requirements, we deliver APIs.
+ resource usage
Fractional CTO
For companies needing technical leadership. We help define specs/architecture, then build it for you.
+ resource usage
How it works?
Works seamlessly - from specs to deployment, in a matter of days.
Provide us with your requirements
Development kicks off
Each API takes 1-3 days to deliver
Instant deployment
Let’s build your vision.