Atomic Computing
The new distributed backend using atomic workflows.
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A revolutionary framework that enables building backend using workflows with reusable, independently deployable microfunctions called nodes.

Why the need?

Our framework eliminates the complexity of manual management entirely and allows seamless creation of these nodes and workflows, so you can focus entirely on your application and not the infrastructure.


The Workflow approach

A unique approach to building backends using Workflows with reusable nodes. The framework handles the complex orchestration, deployment, and management and executes each node independently and concurrently in a serverless environment enabling unprecedented efficiency and zero infrastructure overhead.

Advanced Observability and Monitoring

Get deep, real-time insights of your nodes, workflows and application's performance. The framework provides built-in, comprehensive metrics and intuitive visualizations so you can optimize your application, troubleshoot issues, and make data-driven decisions.
In-depth metrics like request times, memory, CPU, network usage, and more for every nodes and workflows.
Visual dashboards with real-time resource utilization
Cost breakdowns per actual usage

Unmatched Scalability and Speed

The framework automatically manages the deployment, scaling, and resource allocation of each Nodes during Workflow execution. As a result, your application runs faster and scales without any manual intervention and handles exceptionally on high-traffic loads.

Accelerate, optimize and scale effortlessly.

Reusable code
Maximize your code with micro-functions. Build a library of efficient nodes that accelerate development and reduce maintenance.
Innovative pay-per-use pricing
Pay only for the resources your application actually consumes. DAC's granular usage based pricing eliminates the need for overprovisioning.
Highly performant and reliable
Accelerate application deployment by eliminating infrastructure setup and configuration. Push updates and new feature faster with real-time deployment.
Effortless scalability
Each component of your application scales independently based on demand, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-efficiency.
Detailed insights
Make data-driven decisions with deep visibility into application performance through detailed metrics, logs, and visualizations.
Seamless integration
With multi-language, RESTful and GraphQL API support, integrate DAC into your existing development workflow seamlessly.
Frequently asked question
What kind of workflows can I create with Atomic Computing?
From data processing pipelines and machine learning workflows to serverless APIs and event-driven architectures, you can create virtually any workflow that can be broken down into smaller, reusable nodes.
Can we deploy Atomic Computing on-premise?
Yes, DAC can be deployed on-premise, giving you full control over your infrastructure and data. Our platform is designed to be cloud-agnostic, allowing you to run DAC in your own data centers, private clouds, or even in hybrid cloud environments.
We already have micro-service architecture, is it not the same?
While micro-services and micro-functions share some similarities, our architecture takes it a step further. With Atomic Computing, you can break down your application into even smaller, more granular components that can be independently developed, deployed, and scaled. This allows for greater flexibility, reusability, and cost optimization.
What can I use to build nodes? Is there a specific language?
You have the flexibility to build nodes using a wide range of languages. Our platform supports popular languages such as JavaScript, Python, Go, C# giving you the freedom to choose whatever fits your team's skills and requirements.
Can I integrate with my existing product?
Yes, Atomic Computing can easily integrate with your existing products and services. Our platform provides a wide range of integration options, including RESTful APIs, message queues, and event-driven architectures.
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