Deskree Backend
Accelerate your development
with pre-built backend services.

Go from idea to production faster.
Everything is managed for you
so you don’t have to.

Ready within minutes
Instantly Deployed
Instant REST and GraphQL APIs
No DevOps necessary
Packed with features
that simplify your development.
Ready to use Authentication
Seamlessly integrate popular authentication methods such as Email, Google, and GitHub. Just select and activate with a single click.
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Flexible Database choices
Integrate your existing database or utilize our powerful built-in database, you have the flexibility to match your backend needs.
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Fast Storage
Easily upload and store any file type using APIs, whether it's from a URL or base64. With our user-friendly interface, you can visually manage your stored files with ease.
Extensive permissions
Write your custom backend logic without writing. ION enables rapid workflow creation for your backend  using prebuilt Nodes.
Customize easily and scale effortlessly with ION and DAC.
Powered by ION and DAC, you can create custom logics, modify APIs in real-time, build integrations, and more with ease. Experience a scalable infrastructure that adapts to your needs seamlessly.
Instant APIs for all services
Efficiently create, manage, and scale your APIs for your backend services, all visually using ION workflows.
Custom backend logic
Write your custom backend logic without writing. ION enables rapid workflow creation for your backend  using prebuilt Nodes.
Scalable infrastructure
Benefit from DAC’s robust infrastructure that scales automatically when your project grows.

Discover how you can streamline your backend
using Deskree Backend.

Frequently asked question
How quickly can I get my backend up and running?
You can have your backend up and running within minutes after signing up. Quick setup your backend by selecting the features you need, and then Deskree takes care of the rest, deploying a fully functional backend quickly
Do I need to pay to use Deskree?
No, we do have a free plan that you can start out without any commitment. All of our plans are suitable for development at any stage - check out our pricing page for more detailed information about our plans.
Do I need backend development experience to build backend using Deskree?
No! While back-end development knowledge would be helpful, you do not need to be a back-end developer to use Deskree. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionalities and pre-built templates that make backend setup straightforward.
Can I integrate with my existing product?
Yes! Deskree Backend seamlessly integrates with your existing products and services. With support for REST APIs and GraphQL, you can easily connect your backend to your current applications, frameworks, and tools.
Do I get APIs? Can I customize them?
Yes, Deskree automatically generates APIs for your backend services, and you have full control to customize them as needed. With ION, you can modify data handling, and integrate external services, giving you the flexibility to tailor APIs to your specific requirements.
How would it scale my backend?
Absolutely. Deskree enables you to seamlessly connect and extend your current applications without disruption. Additionally, ION facilitates the integration process, allowing you to efficiently connect with your existing product.
Ready to transform your backend?