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You’ve just stumbled upon the platform that could do it all! Make any kind of a project come to life with our flawless working environment.

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Features in Deskree - members, ideas, issue, tasks, chat

Our Vision Statement

We believe that team collaboration is not about telling people what to do. But it is based on three cornerstones:

Every project starts with WHY. People need to learn why they came together to accomplish what they want and find out the best way to do that.


Then goes WHAT. In order to bring their vision to reality, teams need to organize their work by creating ideas and files, deligating tasks, and working on emerging issues.


And HOW. There is no collaboration without proper communication through group chats, posts, and private messages.

We. Are. Flawless.

Everything within our platform is connected. And everything is just one click away.

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Integrates with Google Drive™

Google Drive integration brought to the next level! Not only you can access your files directly through our platform. But also manage files depending on the permission level of a user. Moreover, you can easily create Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets that will be automatically shared with people in your project! Easy.

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Google Drive

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Google Docs

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Google Slides

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Google Sheets

Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Deskree utilizes publicly accessible Google Drive API and has no exclusive or privileged arrangement with Google.

Share your project with the rest of the world!

You can showcase your project to engage with your audience and gather ideas and feedback.

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Working with Client has never been easier

Be in touch at every step of the contract!

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Team Projects

Have your OWN permanent team to create every project together…

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Independent Projects

…Or work with different people on every project. Or even both - it is really how you want it!

Pay for what YOU need

You can either pay per project or per team member depending on your team size and structure! We made it easy and flexible for you!

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