At Deskree, we make cloud infrastructure accessible to any development team.

Our vision
We believe in a future where developers can focus on building great products without worrying about infrastructure. Our vision is to make cloud infrastructure invisible by abstracting complexity and creating intuitive, easy-to-use tools that empower innovation.
Our team
Our team is composed of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in software development, business, and design. We are driven by the same shared mission to make cloud infrastructure accessible to everyone.
Dmytro Grechko
Founder, CEO
Marco Castillo
Sangam Bhandari
Yury Gorbachevskiy
VP of Business Development
Ernesto Chan
Software Engineer I
Raul Gomez
Software Engineer I
Daniel Grechko
Business Development Manager
Wellington Prado
Software Engineer I
Makar Levashov
General Manager
Marco Delgado
Software Engineer I
Our investors
We’re backed by some of the world’s top VC investors who share our mission to revolutionize cloud infrastructure.
Flyerone Ventures
Inner Loop Capital
Flair Ventures
Forum Ventures
hi5 Ventures
LOI Ventures
Hustle Fund
Let’s simplify your development.