Database & Storage

Master databases
with ease without any
prior knowledge.

Easily configure your database and start working with your data instantly with Deskree.

Pick your database(s)

We are constantly expanding our selection of database engines. Depending on your plan, you can also have multiple databases per project allowing you to develop things in a "true micro service" way.

API docs in real time & for your team

For every change in your database we automatically generate API Documentation and Postman Collections. So that you can experience chaos-free collaboration with your team.

REST & GraphQL + Type Checks

For every database we automatically generate REST & GraphQL APIs for all your CRUD needs. Each API comes with a built-in type check regardless of the database you select to keep your data well-structured.

Seamless scaling with no configuration

How much RAM, Storage, and CPU do I need? Worry not - we handle the entire scaling process from your first API call to your millionth.

on every level
with permissions.

Each endpoint is secured with root level
permission controls providing you with a highly customizable and yet secured database access for your projects.

Learn more about permissions ->

Faster storage, faster response, better experience.

We know how crucial storage is for any digital product so we’ve made our storage secure, fast, and dependable for you to quickly & confidently scale your projects.

Send data via API in base64, url, form-data, and other formats
Manage your storage visually*
Upload large files

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