How it works

Create a project
Setting up your project is easy and quick. Just select what your project needs.
  • 1
    Create your Database
  • 2
    Add user Authentications
  • 3
    Add user Roles
  • 4
    Select Integration(s)
  • Done
We then create a cloud infrastructure just for you
We instantly create a cloud instance and deploy a separate infrastructure for your project.
Each project is unique. There are no shared resources between projects. Which means no bottlenecks & consistent performance.
We generate APIs instantly
You will instantly access GraphQL and REST APIs for:
  • Database
  • Integrations
  • Authentication
Start building your project
You now have access to everything you need.
Start building your product with:
  • Access GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Setup permission on each end points
  • Create webhooks
  • Create custom logic*
  • Access file storage*
* These features are in beta testing.

And from there,
your infrastructure scales!

As your project grows, the cloud infrastructure for your project scales automatically. There is no server configuration required from your end, it’s all seamless.

And one more thing... For our premium users, we also provide full access to the cloud infrastructure. This way your project is always in your control whether you want to migrate it elsewhere or develop in-house.

Try out Deskree today!

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