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Set up authentication for your users in just a few clicks.

Enrich your app through a variety of authentication methods including email/password, Google, GitHub, and Facebook!

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Authentication methods - Deskree platform
Project overview on Deskree platform

Don't waste your time on creating CRUD for your database - we did it for you.

Search, filter, and sorting included by default! Automatically upload data to storage from Base64 or URL.

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API automatically generated at the speed of thought.

Automatically generate API that is ready to download and work instantly.

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API documentation - Deskree platform
API documentation - Deskree platform
API documentation

For databases and each activated integration, we generate API docs all in a split second

No need to learn SDK, our documentation has you covered.

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Permissions & roles down to the finest detail

Detailed permissions and user roles per each endpoint not only for your database, but also for every integration you activate.

Policies can be written in SQL or using the dashboard online.

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Permissions on Deskree platform
Deskree platform integrations range
API Docs
Integrations done in less than a minute

Enhance your app with the most popular 3rd party tools like Shopify, Stripe, GitHub, Slack and more.

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Detailed analytics for all used services

Enjoy the in-depth usage analytics to see how users use your API, storage, and more.

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Deskree platform - Storage overview
Securely store any file type

Confidently store as little or as many files that you want through our secure platform.

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